In e-FOREX: Carmody Talks Communication Challenges, In FX-MM: Powell on Tailor-Made Solutions and Cloud

Two IPC® thought leaders recently shared their insights – in two leading industry publications – on some top concerns facing financial firms, Tim Carmody, Vice President, Network Product and Engineering, IPC, looked at “Effectively Addressing the Communications and Connectivity Challenges of Financial Market Participants” in his article for e-FOREX.

For FX-MM, Robert Powell, Director of Compliance, IPC, discusses “Tailor-made Solutions” and why one size does not fit all when it comes to compliance. He then outlines seven key attributes of customizable, cloud-based solutions. Here are thought-generating extracts from each article and links to read them in their entirety.

From e-FOREX’s Expert Opinion…

“Ensuring accurate and secure synchronization and time-stamping is a major challenge of financial firms. …Time precision and stamping are at the heart of regulatory compliance with MiFID II RTS-25 and FINRA Rule 4590, placing strict requirements on the granularity of timestamps and the maximum divergences of clocks that are being read. Clock synchronization subsequently plays a critical role in investor protection by being a mechanism that further supports fair, safe, efficient and transparent markets.”

Read “Effectively Addressing the Communications and Connectivity Challenges of Financial Markets Participants” by Tim Carmody in its entirety.

From FX-MM’s Regulated Communications…

“With today’s changing regulatory environment, financial firms need a communications platform that can power new workflows, as well as accommodate compliance and security requirements. It should be customizable to reflect individual preferences, as well as flexible to integrate new innovations and user applications of users throughout their enterprise. …Cloud servicing models are becoming the norm within the financial markets community, and there are many reasons why. Scalable and adaptable, the cloud’s many advantages are enabling financial organizations to implement a delivery model that specifically meets their individual requirements at any given time.”

Read Robert Powell’s entire “Tailor-made Solutions” article.

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