Iyer Leads Panel on Biometrics at New York FISD Issue Brief

“Biometrics: What Happens Next?” was the focus of a panel discussion FISD NYC Issue Brief2 February 2017 018moderated by IPC’s Ganesh Iyer, Director, Global Products Marketing, Financial Markets Network, (pictured at left) at the February 23 FISD Issue Brief in New York. The three-member panel – which included Hans Bergman, Head of Sales and Product, BehavioSec; Greg Cannon, Chief Technology Officer, Cross Match Technologies; and Advait Deshpande, Product Director, Nuance – probed growing questions around the use of biometrics in the industry to safeguard data and provided insights on:

  • What are the advantages and limitations of both physical and behavioral biometrics?
  • How can biometric information be safeguarded against hacks?
  • Multifactor authentication

IPC is partnering with UK-based cybersecurity firm Post-Quantum to integrate biometric, encryption and blockchain technologies to IPC services delivered through our Connexus Cloud. Post-Quantum specializes in developing defense-grade solutions to protect data against cyberattacks. The firms are working to enable user authentication, non-repudiation and fraud deterrence technologies.

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