Unigy Captures an American Financial Technology Award

IPC's Labib Rahman, title, (left) and Bruce Bolcer, title, (right join name and title at the Waters' American Financial Technology Awards.
Labib Rahman, Product Manager, IPC (left) and Bruce Bolcer, Director, Product Management, IPC (right) accept award from Waters’ presenter Christie Rampone, soccer star.

IPC’s Unigy® platform was named Best Communications Infrastructure Provider at the 2016 American Financial Technology Awards held recently by Waters Technology. It was the first year the awards were open to vendors – where there were 13 categories – in addition to the traditional end-user categories.

The powerful and flexible Unigy platform has been widely adopted by financial firms around the world with more than 40,000 traders at over 1,600 trading sites relying on Unigy for their communications. The platform acts as a central communications hub that can be further expanded through the integration of other IPC applications and endpoints, or in-house-developed applications.

Among the reasons Waters noted for the Unigy win was that “throughout 2016, IPC® focused on building out the platform’s capabilities to improve trader productivity. One of the major enhancements made to Unigy was the introduction of the IQ/MAX Touch, the latest addition to the IQ/MAX family of communication endpoints.”

AFTA_ Logo_Winner_2016_IPC_LRWaters went on to report that, “IQ/MAX Touch provides traders with a flexible touch-screen communications device for high-speed voice communications, further improving on customization options available to them. One of the benefits for IPC in concentrating on touch-screen technology is that while some trading institutions are moving away from traditional turret systems, development of new applications and enhancements to the UI is streamlined through the presence of a tactile interface.

“Trading screen real-estate has never been so valuable and ease-of-customization has become a key demand of communications systems.

“The IQ/MAX endpoint provides access to five IPC applications aimed at driving improving trader performance, covering counterparty line management, a contact directory, managing the open voice circuits that allow users to listen to multiple conversations simultaneously for collaboration with counterparties on complex trades, a complete communications history, and a detailed notifications system that provides users with a full view of their communications flow. Other upgrades made to the platform include enhanced security, direct SIP-based private lines, and end-user productivity and operational enhancements.

“IPC is not resting on its laurels, however, and is planning further developments to the platform focusing on key areas such as interoperability with other systems and applications to an application programming interface (API) level, enhanced security features, and enabling the platform to support more complex compliance requirements, to ensure voice recordings are captured, maintained and stored according to various regulatory mandates.”

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