Affin Bank Accelerates Its Use of New IQ/MAX Touch

“We started with just a few traders, but quickly expanded to upgrade all of them. IQ/MAX Touch is simple to use. One can easily identify which customer called and at what time,” says Vincent Lim, Trader and Project Manager, Affin Bank Berhad.

IPC was looking for an early adopter of its new IQ/MAX Touch communications device. The software-based, Unigy-powered and intuitive touchscreen device that is the next generation of IPC’s highly successful IQ/MAX was ready for a user workout at the same time Affin Bank was ready to upgrade its trading communications platform from Alliance to IPC’s Unigy. Looking to make the most of its powerful new communications platform, Kuala Lumpur-based Affin Bank agreed to IPC’s proposal to try IQ/MAX Touch at the same time.

Initial use of Touch began with a short training session conducted by IPC. Because IQ/MAX Touch is designed to be as intuitive to use as most smart phones and includes all the same features – and more – as the IQ/MAX devices that Affin Bank’s traders had been using, minimal training was required before traders were up and running. This is a testimony to how user friendly the IQ/MAX Touch system is.

IQ/MAX Touch offers a new level of flexibility and personalization that delivers productivity benefits for the bank. Affin Bank’s first day with IQ/MAX Touch was terrific. Starting out with just a few of its traders using Touch, the users liked its simplicity and speed to find and see call information.

“We were all very impressed with the ease of getting and using the information that was important to each trader,” said Lim. “In fact, the initial users liked Touch so much that we asked to expand its use to all traders right away. IPC was happy to meet our request.”

Productivity Benefits and Streamlined Operations

As the Affin use of IQ/MAX Touch continued, several other key features emerged as favorites of the users. “A big difference is the snapshot function,” says Lim. “I can customize things to how I work and everything is on one screen.” Additionally, the ability to log on to any other IQ/MAX Touch device and have the user’s profile right there provides mobility for the trading team.

With a robust directory application to search for contacts, the traders said they found efficiency in transferring calls and placing calls via directory.

Affin operations team cited efficiency improvements in performing button changes and they now prefer change to be made directly on IQ/MAX Touch. This resulted in process changes to remove restrictions for a trader to open a change request ticket. Traders now have the freedom to make the change themselves – a dual benefit for traders and Affin operations becoming more efficient.


Bottom line: Affin Bank says they are – and continues to be – very happy with its use of IQ/MAX Touch; providing the flexibility to customize features to individual preferences and workflows. And cited its open architecture technology is making it ready and easy to integrate with future innovative apps.

Customer Benefits

  • Snapshot feature lets each user customize screens to the way they work, everything is in one place, making day-to-day tasks simpler and faster
  • Mobility – can log on to any other device and the user’s profile is right there
  • Could more easily identify which customers had called and at what time

When referring to IQ/MAX Touch and his bank’s experience with IPC, Lim enthusiastically says, “Good job.” The input and feedback that Affin provided has been valuable to the success of IQ/MAX Touch and numerous enhancements and learnings from this beta have been incorporated into IQ/MAX Touch.

Affin Bank Spotlight

Affin Bank Berhad is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Affin Holdings Berhad which is listed on Bursa Malaysia. The bank provides a suite of financial products and services for both retail and corporate customers. The target business segments are categorized under key business units such as Business Banking, Consumer Banking and Treasury. Business Banking offers services in corporate banking, contract financing and trade finance to corporations, institutional clients and SMEs. Consumer Banking provides credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, savings/current and deposit taking services.

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