Four Fast Reasons + Many More: Why You’ll Want IPC’s New IQ/MAX Touch

Welcome to the world of IQ/MAX® Touch, a new, state-of-the-art communications device that’s as intuitive to use – and as customizable, too – as the smart phone in your hand. But the advantages of software-driven IQ/MAX Touch go way beyond its immediate user. There are benefits that extend throughout any financial services firm. In brief, here are four great reasons why you’ll want to get in touch with IPC to learn more about IQ/MAX Touch:

1. Improve User Productivity

Powered by IPC’s Unigy® platform, IQ/MAX Touch’s intuitive, touch-screen interface makes information acquisition and retrieval quick for traders and other users. It’s highly flexible and customizable features are designed to let users configure Touch’s capabilities to whatever is best for their own workflow. Arrange displays, group directories, tailor speaker layouts, color-code contacts, manage up to 34 simultaneous conversations, create numerous “snapshots” to accelerate frequent activities. Users can also take advantage of incredible search capabilities, select and change the language displayed as well as use an Activity and Notification view to help them see all line activity.

2. Enhance Compliance and Security

Communications on IQ/MAX Touch are secure and encrypted. It’s super-high fidelity audio enables voice analytics, including discrete channels for pristine audio for compliant call capture, retrieval and analytics for regulator requests. There’s also an easier authentication mechanism for voice print authentication and real-time verification of callers and adaptability for enforcing all communication barriers for regulatory needs.

3. Increase Operational Efficiencies

IQ/MAX Touch is loaded with features that can help firms cut time and reduce both operational complexities and costs by simplifying implementation or expansion for growth and training for users. Additionally, IQ/MAX Touch saves valuable real estate on a user’s desktop, makes free seating easier, and reduces power consumption. Its integration with active directory extends the user’s reach without the need to continually update or add contacts. And, because IQ/MAX Touch is software-based, firms may have same-day activation of some additional capabilities such as adding more speakers.

4. Enhance Return on Investment

Taking advantage of the latest and future innovations is all possible with IQ/MAX Touch’s open architecture. It’s flexibility to integrate and incorporate new applications makes it a sound investment for both today and tomorrow. As technology changes, so can IQ/MAX Touch. It is designed to broaden a user’s reach with direct access to an HTML.5 web browser, web applications, client web applications and other information such as news, TV and video streaming.

“We designed the IQ/MAX Touch communications device with maximum flexibility so it can be easily customized to one’s own workflow. Touch’s dynamic configuration controls put you in control,” says Mark Slivovsky, Senior Product Manager, Trading Solutions Product Development, IPC. “It’s security and compliance features are state-of-the-art making it the latest valuable addition to IPC’s suite of software-based communications and compliance solutions.”

Many firms are already implementing IQ/MAX Touch and the reasons are many. Take a look at these features for a few more…

For more information, download the IQ/MAX Touch brochure or contact your IPC Account Representative for an in-person demonstration.

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