Now Available: New IQ/MAX Touch and Unigy 3.1; Helps Compliance, Security, Workflow and more

IQ/MAX Touch, a software-driven, open architecture and touch-screen communications device powered by IPC’s Unigy® platform is now available for customers. The state-of-the-art technology tool is the powerful next generation in the IQ/MAX family of communication devices. IQ/MAX Touch is designed to simplify compliance, enhance security and increase the productivity of traders and other users as well as helps firms improve operational efficiencies.

The newest upgrade of IPC’s Unigy platform – Unigy 3.1 has also been released. Unigy 3.1 includes enhancements to operational, system and user features as well as security updates for customers.

“IQ/MAX Touch is a truly global device with its multi-lingual interface,” says Mark Slivovsky, IPC® Product Manager, IPC. “Our successful beta testing of Touch shows that it’s ideal for multinational teams. The intuitive touch screen and amazing flexibility for customizing features to one’s own workflow make IQ/MAX Touch a much sought after device among traders and other users.”

Here are some more key reasons your firm will want to have IQ/MAX Touch, too:

For User Productivity:

  • Hard and soft keyboard
  • Manage up to 34 simultaneous conversations – two on the handsets, 32 on speakers
  • Create numerous personal “snapshots” to accelerate frequent activities
  • Incredible search capabilities
  • Easily change the language of the applications
  • An Activity Monitor and Notification view helps users see all line activity

For Better Compliance and Security:

  • All communications are secured and encrypted
  • Pristine audio for compliant call capture, retrieval and analytics for regulator requests
  • Adaptability for enforcing all regulatory barriers

For Operational Efficiencies:

  • Simplified deployment at implementation and for growth
  • Smaller device profile saves valuable real estate on a user’s desk
  • Intuitive touch screen interface saves time when getting traders and other users proficient
  • Software-based IQ/MAX Touch allows for same-day activation of additional capabilities
  • IQ/MAX Touch makes free seating easier
  • Reduces power consumption which helps lower costs

For Return on Investment:

  • Flexibility to integrate and incorporate new applications
  • State-of-the-art technology that can broaden a user’s reach with direct access to an HTML 5 web browser, web applications, client web applications and other market information
  • Access to the Blue Wave® Application Development Platform to build independent apps
  • Open architecture to take advantage of the latest innovations

Take a look at these other features of IQ/MAX Touch:



Benefits from Unigy 3.1
IPC’s release of Unigy 3.1 is more good news for customers. In addition to powering IQ/MAX Touch and all of its capabilities, Unigy 3.1 provides:

  • Secure RTP and SIP traffic within the Unigy enterprise – for IQMAX Touch, Pulse and UDA’s. Transmission of log messages is also encrypted and the HTTPS protocol secures voice recording information communicated between Unigy and voice recorder loggers
  • Direct SIP-Based Private Lines – SIP-based delivery for ARD, MRD and Hoots. Provides resiliency for upstream IPC Network Service outages and eliminates the Media gateway as a failure point.
  • Label Matching to Directories for Incoming Calls – to increase user efficiencies by improving ability to identify counterparty for incoming calls
  • New Unigy Enterprise Topology Report — shows snapshot of current Unigy Enterprise topology. The report lists of each physical location (back rooms and front rooms) within instance, the equipment in each location and shows the mapping of each zone name and devices connected to a particular zone during normal operations

For all the details on how IQ/MAX Touch and Unigy 3.1 can bring new advantages to your firm, contact your IPC account representative.

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