Algomi and IPC Partner to Deliver New DealCall App via IPC’s Cloud

Algomi, the network company providing information-matching solutions for the optimization of fixed income liquidity, and IPC are collaborating on the delivery of Algomi’s DealCall, an application which leverages IPC’s Financial Markets Cloud. DealCall will be integrated into both Algomi’s award-winning Honeycomb platform and IPC’s community of financial market participants, enabling Honeycomb users to swiftly and securely connect to their dealers.

AlgomiLogo“We are very excited to be collaborating with Algomi,” said Neil Barua, CEO of IPC, “The successful implementation of DealCall on the IPC Financial Markets Cloud means Honeycomb network participants can work with their counterparts on large sensitive trades in an efficient and secure manner”.

“We are thrilled to be working with IPC to leverage their leading communication technology to enrich the Honeycomb client experience. The investor is able to deal in size, seek best execution, and remain discreet in the market. They can choose to communicate by voice, or existing secure instant messaging.” said Stu Taylor, CEO of Algomi. “Both Algomi and IPC share a common goal of empowering market participants to source liquidity, generate alpha and mitigate risk in the fixed income markets.”

The collaboration enables seamless communication for buy-side users of the Honeycomb application. With one click, users can access on-demand connectivity to their chosen sales coverage teams at their chosen banks. By bringing together the IPC community of over 6,000 diverse market participants and Algomi’s applications, DealCall creates a rich, secure and market enhancing experience for customers.

DealCall will introduce an enhanced level of productivity and efficiency as Honeycomb network participants will have an integrated experience and be able to immediately communicate with counterparties. The users of the Honeycomb can now access bond information and dynamically communicate using instant messaging and instant voice communications.

Algomi was founded in 2012 to create the bond information network that enables all market participants to securely and intelligently harness data to make valuable financial trading connections.
The company’s revolutionary technology empowers fixed income professionals to fulfill their precise needs, for both sides of the market.

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