Liquid Capital Group Boost Collaboration with IPC’s Managed MPLS VPN

“Collaboration among our firm’s geographically dispersed offices, collocations, traders, quantitative analysts, developers and risk managers is vital for formulating insights and executing trading strategies in the fluid and competitive market we operate in,” said Colm Bowler, Head of IT, Asia-Pacific, Liquid Capital Group.

Managed VPN logo_LRDeploying IPC’s Managed MPLS VPN solution is enabling Liquid Capital Group – a privately owned market maker in exchange-listed options focusing on the most actively traded European, Asia-Pasic and U.S. derivatives market – to increase collaboration on its trading and risk management strategies among the firm’s personnel in Hong Kong, Sydney, London, Chicago, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo and Chengdu as well as its Luxembourg headquarters.

Liquid Alpha, one of the more recent additions to Liquid Capital’s portfolio of businesses, engages in quantitative trading across global futures markets and looks to benefit from the managed MPLS VPN. “We are excited to implement IPC’s sophisticated managed network technology that enables collaboration and complements our firm’s market making and trading strategy,” said Bowler.

IPC’s Managed VPN solution is part of the Financial Markets Network service portfolio that also include the Connexus Financial Extranet and Direct Connect data services as well as Trader and Enhanced Voice connectivity services.

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