Unigy Speeds Adoption of New Apps and Devices

Occurring almost hand-in-hand with the rapid implementation of IPC’s Unigy™ platform (see Unigy’s Global Growth below) is the adoption of innovative trader applications and new devices that enhance collaboration and workflow throughout the trade lifecycle. Use of new apps – such as Unigy QuickDial and Unigy Fastfind – and devices – such as IQ/MAX® Edge and Unigy Pulse – is particularly strong among the world’s leading banks. All of the top 20 global banks use IPC® turrets and more than 40 percent of those banks are using the Unigy platform to deliver next-generation turret services.

Unigy, for unified trading communications and applications, makes it easy to integrate new apps and devices to increase flexibility and improve productivity. Among those most popular are:

  • Unigy QuickDial app – 2,800+
    Provides 1-click dialing from any new contact number. QuickDial allows users to highlight numbers in any Windows or web-based application and automatically initiate a call without the need to manually dial. Users of Lotus Notes, Outlook, or other CRM products can simply select the contact record and use QuickDial to speed up calling and increase productivity.
  • Unigy Fastfind app – 1,400+
    Let’s traders quickly find any contact across multiple and disparate databases. When every second counts, Fastfind instantly finds and connects users with the contact regardless of where the information is stored.
  • IQ/MAX Onmi app – 1,300+
    For unbeatable mobility, the IQ/MAX Omni soft turret lets traders take the full functionality of their own IQ/MAX or IQ/MAX Edge turrets with them wherever they go. From home, other offices or on the road, they have immediate access to markets and customers.
  • IQ/MAX Edge turret – 2,200+
    A cutting-edge, yet value-minded multi-line communications device featuring presence, hoot and intercom, speakers, private lines, voice recording, Microsoft Outlook® integration via the IQ/MAX Sync and enterprise-wide presence capability.
  • Unigy Pulse device/Unigy Pulse Enterprise app – 1,100+
    Pulse is a compact device so traders as well as back and middle office users can have instantaneous and seamless access to each other – not only for hoot and intercom, but also for the TV audio and speaker channels. Pulse Enterprise is an innovative app that provides seamless hoot and intercom capabilities via the PC.

Unigy – now being used at more than 400 trading sites in 26 countries – delivers powerful flexibility and capabilities to take advantage of new technologies. As adoption of these apps and devices continue to grow and new apps for greater integration with other systems become available, Unigy becomes much more than a competitive advantage – it’s almost a competitive necessity.

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