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Helps Customers with Compliance Management.

Meeting many new Dodd-Frank, MiFID II and other regulatory requirements can be made easier for IPC customers using two NICE® compliance solutions — NICE Proactive Compliance and NICE Smart Compliance.

IPC can help customers use analytical tools to:

  • Manage and search all relevant trading floor communications
  • Reconstruct trades as they happened over time
  • Monitor communications that are of interest or potentially at risk.

NICE Proactive Compliance is comprised of three modules — Explore, Investigate and Observe — that together provide the ability to take complete control over trading floor communications and proactively detect breaches of compliance rules or fraud.

  • Explore – offers an intelligent investigation function that can save time in searching huge amounts of data. It captures and manages all voice, email, chat and other trading-related interactions, including instant messaging and social media; reduces the cost of investigations by having a single system for all searching and dramatically reduces multichannel search time.
  • Investigate – offers the ability to reconstruct all trade communications as they happened over time and to correlate transactions and communications to make them searchable “by trade.”
  • Observe – provides the ability to monitor all communications and discover compliance risks. It can automatically raise alerts on communications with potential non-compliant activities.

NICE Smart Compliance manages the process of call retrieval, can access and find calls quickly and provides real-time system status. Smart Compliance improves system use by spotting trends, reduces risk with better management and control and enables faster resolution to search requests.

Using NICE analytics means firms can:

  • Proactively detect breaches of compliance rules or fraud
  • Improve and speed access to the right data for compliance
  • Spend more time analyzing required data and less time finding it.

For all the details on the many advantages of these NICE offerings and how to implement them for your firm, contact your IPC account representative.

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