Customers Choose Unigy For Its Many Advantages

3,100+ Trading Positions, 160+ Sites Installed.

Customers have made Unigy™ the fastest selling next-generation unified trading communications and application platform available in the market today. IPC’s Unigy growth continues at a rapid pace as more and more customers experience and install the ever-increasing advantages of this innovative, unified trading communications solution. Today, more than 3,100 traders are using Unigy at more than 160 sites worldwide, including a 500-position multi-site trading floor deployment.

“Every one of our 34 offices around the world is recording Unigy sales and the number of additional trader positions and new sites we will install over the next three months will further accelerate the pace,” says Michael Speranza, senior vice president, Global Product Management, IPC. “Firms clearly want the reduced costs, increased efficiencies and centralized system management capabilities of Unigy.”

Among the key benefits customers are realizing with Unigy:

  • Centralized management and administration – helps trading firms deal with limited IT resources or skillsets for addressing trading communications infrastructure. Unigy provides real-time management of every enterprise endpoint from a single location.
  • Powerful productivity apps – Unigy powers a growing number of valuable, time-saving and mobility-related applications, such as Unigy QuickDial, Unigy FastFind, IQ/MAX® Sync and IQ/MAX Omni that speed repetitive tasks and collaboration and increase operational flexibility.
  • Integrated hoot and intercom – increases transparency and compliance with easy-to-use, enterprise-wide hoot and intercom options for trading team collaboration via desktop, PC, mobile devices such as the Apple® iPad®.
  • Multi-site environment capabilities – integration of dispersed floors and across time zones allows customers to transition from separate, legacy systems to a single, unified system for their global operations.
  • Simplified configuration and implementation – set up and testing of Unigy can be done remotely by IPC’s global support team. This speeds the installation process, and makes Unigy ideal for firms with “lock-down” data centers or secure areas where access is prohibited to external resources.
  • Enterprise BCP strategy – as part of Unigy’s BCP suite, firms can set the thresholds and priorities they want for an automated failover response — by position, trading groups, front, middle and back office or other critical needs.

Many other firms are experiencing Unigy through extensive testing in customer lab environments, including several large-scale and extended test implementations. In addition, IPC has simulated globally dispersed customer trading environments and pushed the limits to how users will use Unigy, including detailed voice recording and failover scenarios. Many of these customers are now in the process of moving towards their production and live trading floor implementations, based on their expansive and successful certification testing.

“Unigy has undergone the most extensive test schedule of any product IPC has deployed and those tests have convinced customers that Unigy is the only platform fit for their mission-critical environments,” says Speranza.

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