Post Sandy: IPC and BCP

BCP is critical. Last October, super-storm Sandy slammed coastal areas throughout the northeast United States, bringing flooding and destruction to countless communities and significant disruption across the New York City area. It once again confirmed that disasters can happen in even the largest of financial centers.

Our clients who had strong BCP plans in place were able to resume productive trading from alternate sites, using mobile devices and working from home. Those who didn’t have BCP struggled to recover their trading operations.

BCP is critical at IPC® too. IPC quickly invoked its own comprehensive, tested BCP — working closely with customers prior to, during and after the storm to ensure continued, consistent support for their business operations.

The expertise of IPC’s people and the innovation of our wide-ranging BCP solutions have provided customers with networks and trading communications systems that are stable, reliable and resilient. In this INNOVATE you’ll learn more about the products and services we offer to ensure you have the best team and most affordable BCP for the next, inevitable man-made or natural disaster that disrupts your trading operations.

Tim Whelan
Chief Operating Officer

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